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Xenon Headlamps, LED Headlamps And Halogen Headlamps, How To Choose ?

When buying a car, we salesman will recommend Xenon headlamps, LED headlamps and halogen headlamps, each kind of big lamp price is different, generally raise a grade will increase 10,000 yuan, then in the end that kind of big lamp? How do we choose?

First of all, the difference between the three kinds of light!

1, halogen headlamps, halogen headlamps issued is yellow, is an upgraded version of the incandescent lamp, the general low car equipped with this light, low conversion power, low cost, gradually eliminated by the market.

2, halogen headlamps, halogen lamp light-emitting principle is the gas luminescence, unlike halogen headlamps, no filament, durable, luminous white, but the conversion efficiency of electric energy is high, become the mainstream of the lamp, many people will choose to change the lamp halogen headlamps.

3, LED headlamps, led working principle more complex, through PN Knot, start fast, power conversion rate higher, life expectancy exceeds the vehicle end-of-life, small size advantages. But for technical reasons, it is currently only used in high-end models. Is the future trend of development.

Therefore, LED headlamps than xenon headlamps, xenon headlamps than halogen headlamps better, in fact, each kind of large lamp can meet our needs, in order to be able to see the night, better view, and to the opposite side of the vehicle to greet, there is a reason is the rain and fog days, can let the opposite see your car, these functions, Halogen headlamps can be satisfied.

Many people feel that their halogen headlamps are not bright enough, will go to refit their big lamp, not tight charge a big price, and use but did not increase how much, passing when the big light is easy to cause traffic accidents, so when driving must pay attention to their life, responsible for the lives of others.