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Why Does The Front Fog Lamp Make So Many Cars Fit?

    Also do not know when, car reduction seems to become a trend, invisible places to reduce, visible places also reduced. Some safety configuration on the car may never be used, but once used, it can save a life. Now consumers are also increasingly valued security configuration, such as ESP, Cab airbag, reversing image, reversing radar, and so on, and so on, and the security configuration is also the "hardest hit". If your car does not have a front fog function, this is not considered a shrinking configuration?
     Fog lamps are generally installed in the lower position, like the front fog lamp installation position is generally close to the bumper. The fog lamp generally uses the strong penetrating power yellow and the Red halogen lamp (the general front fog lamp is white or the yellow light most, the rear fog lamp is red light), in fog, haze and rainstorm and other visibility very low weather, can provide a strong warning role, so that the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians attention. There are many people who think that there is no need for a daytime traffic light to have a front fog light, in fact, this view has limitations. In extreme weather, the warning effect of daytime traffic lights is certainly not as good as the headlights, or even the double flashing hazard warning light. In the rain and fog, there are many drivers will choose to open a double flash, this is not all appropriate, one is a double flash in the penetrating force is still not as good as fog lights, the former fog lamps are generally select around 3000K of strong penetration of the color temperature; The second is that if there is no priority function of the steering light, it is easy to make the rear vehicle difficult to judge the intention of Although traffic regulations allow for a double flash when visibility is less than 100 meters, it is also limited to high-speed roads and travels at less than/speed. Therefore, on the ordinary road to travel, it is best to leave the double flash for danger warning.