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Why Are More And More Cars Using LED Headlamps?

LED Headlamps Advantages:

1, led luminous flux 3000LM, super bright, rain and fog, night driving more safe.

2, LED instant start, to overcome the start-up, overtaking the blind spot, the owner, pedestrians more secure.

3, LED light-emitting efficiency is high, efficiency is the number of other lights, power saving, battery use longer, car owners more money, energy conservation and environmental protection.

4, LED color temperature is easy to control, stable, can maintain the right and left lights consistent.

5, LED service life is long, the time is 50,000 hours, the lamp life extends for at least 5 years.

6, led to overcome the xenon lamp need to decode the problem, to avoid burning hidden dangers.

7, LED Mercury-free, such as heavy metals, green, energy-saving, environmental protection.

This shows that the LED relative to the halogen lamp and xenon lamps are mainly characterized by high brightness, long service life, more energy-saving, environmental protection. Energy-saving, environmental protection is the future development direction of automotive applications.