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Guangzhou LCS Lab FCC Testing and Certification

Guangzhou LCS compliance Testing Co., LTD is the first set of private operated third testing party in China and certification of professional service of national high-tech enterprises. Since established, through continuous self-improvement and development, LCS has now equipped with EMC testing laboratory, RF testing laboratory and Safety testing laboratory, New Energy Battery testing lab, ERP testing laboratory, environmental reliability testing laboratory, Chemical testing laboratory, etc.

LCS will help you attain FCC Certification in less than half the time it takes the FCC.

Manufacturers who wish to sell telecom, licensed RF, and low powered transmitters in the United States must have their products
tested by FCC listed or accredited lab and certified by the FCC for EMC/Telecom compliance. We provide independent FCC testing and
certification services that will help get your products to market faster, enabling greater sales and revenue potential overall.

Intertek is an FCC-designated Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB) and can test to the the following FCC Rules: FCC Part 11;
FCC Part 15; FCC Part 18; FCC Part 22; FCC Part 24; FCC Part 68; FCC Part 90; FCC Part 95. 

We offer fast turnaround on reviewing and issuing FCC certificates.

Apply for FCC Certification! We will begin reviewing your application within 24 hours of receipt.

To ensure that customer premise equipment (CPE) does not emit harmful frequencies, we offer electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
testing facilities and experts around the world. Many of our facilities are equipped with 5 and 10 semi-anechoic chambers, and
Outdoor Area Test Sites (OATS). In addition, our labs are also capable of conducting Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS),
European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) testing, and Electrical Safety Testing.