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How should the automobile xenon headlamps be changed?

Modified Xenon lamp Main modification part has three points

1. Replace the halogen bulb with the xenon bulb

Advantages: Since the market has introduced a suitable H7, H4, H3, H1, HB3, HB4 and other halogen bulbs xenon bulb, so almost all models can be applied.

Disadvantage: On the one hand, xenon bulb and the original halogen bulb size, size is not the same, the light-emitting part must deviate from the focus of the position, so that the lights appear not concentrated, not the correct far-light function, such as serious negative impact, even will lead to passing dazzling chance of increasing. On the other hand, due to the change of the original car circuit, once the product quality problems, it is likely to cause a short-circuit fire.

Many irresponsible change lamp shop, is such operation, not only affect the owner, but also let many outsiders will change the lamp demonized, in fact, as long as the right way, good products, responsible mentality, change the lamp not only will not give car owners trouble, but also bring safety to the owner.

2. Replace headlight assembly

Advantages: This conversion method mainly uses the original xenon headlamps, that is, the xenon light source with the special design for its light distribution mirrors and mirrors, thus becoming one of the most ideal modification methods

Disadvantage: The price is expensive.

At present, the lamp is to add lenses, to change the assembly, so as to ensure the increase in luminosity while ensuring safety.

3. Install Xenon auxiliary lamp on the front or top of the car

Advantages: This kind of conversion is relatively flexible, the user can according to the vehicle's front-wall modelling and their own preferences to select suitable products, choose a reasonable installation location to install, to meet personalized needs. Xenon auxiliary lamp Beyond the light lamp, the outer diameter is generally small to $number mm, large to 200 mm, respectively, suitable for trucks, off-road vehicles, cars and other models.

Disadvantages: For the vehicle front bumper pass Gate has a certain size requirements, need to be carefully measured before refitting.