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What you need to take a attention to install HID kit

The improved light output of the HID’s will give driver a better field of vision and thus improved safety. Many drivers install the HID kit to their car. Follow is some attention to install HID kit:

1. Take special care to check the model of HID bulbs. It's the key that use the right HID bulbs for the car.

2. Make sure that the engine is powered off when you are uninstalling the old bulbs and installing the new ones.

3. Don't touch the bulbs when the bulbs are heated. Don't make the bulbs broken because the arc tubes is fragile.

4. Take care of the uninstalled screw and other part when you are uninstalling.

5. Deal with the wires after finishing installation. Let them far from the heat source.

6. Before testing the new bulbs, make sure that all have been finished and OK.

7. If you need to test the power with the wire, please use the multimeter. Don't use the direct short-circuit test.

8. Don't change the base of bulbs, if not the bulbs are not brought into focus.

9. Besides takeing attentiion to the focus of the bulbs, you also need to test the starting voltage and rated voltage of HID ballast.