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How to apply FCC ID certificate fast ?

LCS help you Obtain FCC certification fast , it is straightforward if you are careful and take it step by step. There is total 6 steps as following:

Step 1: Select Radio Frequency and Design Equipment
Start by learning about what frequencies are legally open to you and your equipment by referencing the FCC’s current guidelines
on radio spectrum allocation.  Factors you’ll want to consider: radio range, propagation, size, power consumption, and

Step 2: Test During Development
As the product is being developed, perform as many ‘pre-compliance’ tests in-house as you can, or utilize a 3rd party lab like
MET.  These tests don’t ‘count,’ but they ensure that there won’t be any major (read: expensive) surprises later on.

Step 3: Register with FCC
You need a free FCC Registration Number (FRN) if you want to obtain certification authorizations for devices that use the radio
spectrum. Go to the FCC’s CORES page to provide your business address and contact information. You’ll get a FRN and the ability
to request a mandatory grantee code (nominal fees apply).

Step 4: Select Test Lab
Once you have your FRN and grantee codes, it’s time to contact an FCC-registered testing facility.  Your lab partner should be
experienced, responsive, and able to handle all of your testing needs.  Lab quality, testing facilities, and capabilities can vary
significantly, so we recommend working with MET, the responsive choice for FCC testing and certification.

Step 5: Compliance Test
Deliver a production-ready prototype and its technical specifications to your lab partner. You might want to have a representative
witness the tests, but it is not necessary.  Testing can run from a couple days to a couple weeks, depending on product

Step 6: Certification & Filing
After completing testing successfully, a TCB will review the test documentation and issue your certification on behalf of the FCC.
 Once the TCB uploads your information to the FCC database, the FCC will list your product on its approved list. The TCB will send
you a Grant of Equipment Authorization, which allows you to legally market and sell your product in the U.S.

Have questions about the FCC authorization process or requirements?  Ask Westin, our electrical testing compliance expert.  Email: westin.chen@lcs-cert.com, WhatsAPP: +8615018462411 ,QQ:1043476822

MET Labs is accredited for both FCC testing and FCC certification, and deeply experienced in RF approvals for global market