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Definition of Xenon headlamps

Xenon, xenon (old translation) is a chemical element, its elemental symbol is XE, its atomic number is 54, is a colorless and tasteless rare gas, the discharge is blue. There is a limited amount of xenon in the Earth's atmosphere. Xenon lamp is also called gas discharge type head lamp, it is using high-pressure xenon, arc light to replace the traditional filament light-emitting, high luminous efficiency.

Mpluslight Automotive Xenon headlamps It uses a matching electronic ballast, the car battery to provide 12V DC power through the oscillation circuit into a higher frequency of alternating current, start the moment through the step-up transformer to 23kv above the trigger voltage, xenon headlamps in the Xenon ionization to form an arc discharge, By evaporating the metal halide inside the bulb, the arc stabilizes and glows, providing a stable headlight illumination system for the car.

Xenon headlamps are also called HID gas discharge-type headlights, which are used to replace traditional tungsten wires with high-pressure xenon wrapped in quartz tubes, providing higher color temperature and more concentrated lighting.

Because Xenon lamp is to use high voltage current to activate Xenon and form a beam of Arc light, can continue to discharge light between the two electrodes. The power of the ordinary automobile bulb reaches 65 watts, and the xenon lamp only needs 35 watts, reduces nearly 1 time times. Xenon lamp can obviously reduce the burden of vehicle power system. Xenon lamp color temperature between 4000k-6000k, far higher than ordinary bulbs. It has high brightness, xenon lamp color has a variety of colors to choose from, the original car is generally 4300K. Because of its color temperature and halogen lamp close, penetrating force, can improve night traffic safety.